I miss SoWo 1.0

I've been lurking on the SoWo 2.0 site for the past few months, but I miss you SoWo 1.0. It's true that 2.0 has it's advantages, but it doesn't have that cozy lived in feel. There's no news, no gossip, no quotes of the day. And although 2.0 is full of well-meaning challenges, they just don't have the inspiration of a good feralicious workout or even the dreaded million minutes challenge. Challenge me, please.


I second this motion!  I just don't get 2.0 and now 1.0 feels like a neglected stepsister :(

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I agree.  I wish the two separate sites were one uber site. 

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Let's make that happen!!  :)

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Me four. I cannot get into 2.0 at all and I feel like I am the only here on 1.0. Glad you all are still here!

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Me five.  That is why I left it all.  But I do come back to lurk on 1.0 every once and a while in order to be motivated.

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Oh boy! This is no good at all. Hmm, well we spent this morning talking about ways to integrate the blog posts much more tightly into 2.0, to warm things up and create more of heartbeat. The trick is to keep the nice things about 1.0, but not the bad things. (For many people it was very confusing, and the workout tracking kind of blunt and clunky.) Two Point Oh definitely has a ways to go to make it simple and fun to use, but we're determined to keep tinkering until we get it right. The fantasy is that it'll be SUPER easy for everyone to track the things they're interested in tracking, and to create and share challenges.

My questions: What do you like most about 1.0 that's missing in 2.0? What other things might we be able to build for you to make 2.0 worth your while? Your wish, our command!

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I love the relevant fitness posts and not so relevant, the comments and interactivity.

I just don't get 2.0.

Love the community of like minded people....

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