Hard Core

What's Your Very First CrossFit Workout Really Like?

Never tried CrossFit but wonder what it would really be like? You could just go. Or you could start by checking out Angela Jimenez's awesome photoessay on CrossFit Gotham (complete with an insightful thousand word essay to accompany the pics). Or you could properly scare/pump yourself up by taking a look at this wild video of the CrossFit Games. But if that's not enough and you need a little more insight, you could also turn to our friends at Well + Good NYC, who dispatched an avid cyclist and weightlifting virgin to experience CrossFit for the first time with CrossFit South Brooklyn. Her final verdict: "My thighs felt a little like they got caught in some kind of farm equipment. I’m a little broken, but in the best possible way, and I’m already thinking about when I can go again." Read the full tale of her first time with overhead squats and sprints around the block over on Well + Good.

CrossFit by Angela Jimenez

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