Spinning Spin-Offs

Yesterday we reported that SoulCycle was expanding its offerings with SoulDance, a class designed to "ignite your inner SEXY SOUL! ...[with] everything from basic ballet to simmering chair routines." Unclear whether or not those simmering chair routines would be performed on a bike seat... But today we got another email from SoulCycle, this one introducing "Soul Pilates," and this one made it very clear: "This class is taught entirely OFF the bike." So it's really just Pilates, taught at SoulCycle, which I guess is what makes it "Soul Pilates." Which makes you wonder, when a spin studio starts offering lots of different fitness classes, does it just become a gym, but more expensive? Or is this just a nice way to give spinners some cross training? Debate and discuss. (I think it might be Option A, but maybe that's just me being mean).  

Soul Cycle


Somehow this one annoys me less then the one yesterday that just sounded ridiculously stupid....

As far as offering alternative cross-training options, I do think it is a fine line before you get to just really expensive gym territory. Plus I have a sneaking suspision that Soul Cycle will charge 35 bucks for these too which is ridiculous because if you are going to spend that much you should go to a real Pilates studio and do a machines class!

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hmmmm over priced pilates...whatever. I don't get why people don't just join upscale gyms if they like the fancy stuff. It seems easier to me.

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i wholeheartedly agree with charity, fatbottomslim(hey chica!!) and sassletics82!!

they should just stick to spinning, ( I do approve of the yoga after spinning) but when they start offering Dance and Pilates, what is the point of their raison d'être?



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