why does 2.0 hate me

So I was just wondering why 2.0 won't let me join. Is it that mad at me for not being around for awhile? Im a littl upset with you social workout.


SoWo is a little out of control, I think, and everybody's feeling growing pains/a little neglected. I couldn't join either and at some point contacted Oliver. It was a bug in the browser I use, and they were able to get me signed up. So, I'd try shooting them an email or try signing up from a different computer or web browser. I wouldn't take it personally!

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SoWo has been taken over by evil, vindictive numbers geeks! NOT. Pittami, we miss you and are so sorry for your trouble. We can get you signed up, and just need to sort out what's going on.... Shoot me an email and we'll get to the bottom of it.


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