Every Journey Begins With A Single Step And A Google Search

Remember Ed Stafford, the guy who completed his walk along the entire length of the Amazon last month? He's got a few more things to say about his adventure. First, everything is doable if you break it down into small pieces:

Invariably when people say that something is impossible, it's very rewarding to deep down have an inkling that you can do it and then prove people wrong. Say we walked seven kilometers a day. There was no one seven-kilometer stretch that was impossible. And if it's possible to walk any one little bit, then certainly you could do a bigger expedition.

Second, apparently crazy epic adventurers start their adventures the same way I make decision about brunch — they Google:

Where did you get the idea to walk the Amazon? "I Googled it. All my jungle experience beforehand had been in Central America. Belize, Guyana, Guatemala, and some expeditions in the Far East, in Borneo. I'd never been to the Amazon, and I wanted to do a big expedition there. I'm not a great kayaker, so it was a bit of a no-brainer. I just thought, 'Has anybody walked it?' thinking somebody must have, but they hadn't."

Ed Stafford (via Treehugger)

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