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Overly Personal Adjustments Get Really, Really Overly Personal

Earlier this year, we reported on some "overly personal adjustments" at a yoga studio in Aspen, Colorado. Or alleged overly personal adjustments, I should say. At the time. the exact nature of the alleged adjustments wasn't clear. But the testimony in the sexual assault trial started yesterday, and clarity has arrived. In the words of the Aspen Times:

"On the day in question in the O2 studio, Roger, while making an 'adjustment,' slipped his hand under her yoga wear, brushing his hand across her genitalia and anus, the alleged victim said. He did it while there were some 30 students in the studio, she said. 'I was just kind of shock,' she said. 'I froze … My body was just tingling; the only description was, what the hell?' After the class, the alleged victim said she confronted Roger and told him, 'You just crossed a boundary. That was inappropriate.'"

Inappropriate seems like a particularly delicate way of describing the incident. How does a yoga instructor justify an genital/anal adjustment? She says he said he was just trying to help her with her postures. He says it never happened. 

Adjusting (via <a href="">luluemon</a>)

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