Is It Shallow To Pick Your Team Based Purely On Their Name?

There's a strong possibility that, gasp, you've failed to follow the Brooklyn Kickball League this season. But the New York Post wants you to know, it's not too late — playoffs start this weekend, and the Post has a handy guide to which crazy teams to watch (complete with wry little lines like "Who is the dark horse? Is it the aptly named Pony Boys?")  Perhaps most interesting — the team names. You've got:

  • Brooklyn United 
  • Never Scared 
  • New Frontiersmen 
  • Bacon Bits
  • Lobos 
  • Majesty 
  • Mathletes 
  • John Cougar Mellencamps 
  • Pony Boys 
  • Salute Your Jorts 
  • Zeus’s Beard 
  • The Mau Mau’s 
  • Divine Sisterhood 

Unsurprisingly, I'm rooting for the Bacon Bits. Should you care to watch the games in action, the playoffs kick off this Sunday, Sept. 12 at 5 P.M. at the McCarren Park ball fields.

Kickball (via <a href="">Bob B. Brown</a>)

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