Oh Boy!

Lift Off!

Somebody flipped the switch, and things are rattling and shaking at Social Workout HQ. Suddenly the page you are looking at is no longer the "home" page. That thing above is the new home page. it's all very exciting and disorienting. Hang in there. As noted yesterday, the the blog ain't going anywhere, but it was high time to get our act together and build some serious software, so we could have some REAL fun together!

SW 2.0 Goes Live!


I don't deal well with change.  This could be a bit rough for me.  I'm giving it a shot though.

yeahredgymnast's picture

I AM disoriented, but intrigued. Am I right that I need to sign up on the new site?

syrupandhoney's picture

Hey YeahRed: You can do it. New site looks more different than it is. Same nice group support waiting for you there. Clever blog items will live here for a while longer....

Syrup: Yes, you do have to reregister. Sorry about that. Eventually we may tie your old blog to the new one, but that'll take a bit more time.

Come take a look!

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No problems, thanks!

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