Sweaty, Muddy Ways For Bankers To Unwind

For angry bankers who can't work it out with the Wall Street Journal's suggestion of Bikram Yoga, Business Week has another idea: The Spartan Race. To kick it off, a guy in a cape and helmet yells "Spartans, prepare for glory! No retreat! No surrender! That is Spartan law. Remember to return with your shield—or on it! Ah-roo!" and then racers run three miles, jump hurdles, climb over piles of wood and dirt and dodge bare-chested men with jousting sticks.

Sadly, you missed it. The race went down on August 15th. But — good news! — the race is one of a series put on by Peak Races, a company owned by a former Wall Street banker and the current managing director of portfolio trading at financial adviser firm in Vermont. You and all your Wall Street friends can unleash your desk-crushed spirits (or escape the boredom of your corporate gym) at the Death Race this March. Though you'll have to sign a waiver that includes the line "I may die." (Pst: The race allows non-bankers, so feel free to sign up whatever your source of angst may be).

Spartan Race (via <a href="">businessweek</a>)

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