eurotrip, part 1

I've arrived in Switzerland, wrangling with the European keyboard. The y and z are all funny. workouts to report. None since Monday. I don't like. Of course, I was getting my departure in order and trying to get some QT with killercadoogan and my family and friends and that was absolutely necessary before running away for 4 months. But now, I need to go for a run. Please make me! Between grandma's plum-tart, Swiss dairy delights, and many other non-Paleo deliciousness, I'm feeling rather comfortable. Yes, and grandma and grandpa also make me drink Prosecco. I <3 my grandparents :-)

Now, make me go move my ass. Thankssssssssss!!!!!


Hello over there! Amazing. Yes, running is an ideal way to aclimatize. And to see the neighborhood. You'll feel at home much faster, in place and body....

Oliver's picture

yay! glad to hear about all this delicious food. go run and enjoy the clean air!

CJ's picture

I miss you like feet miss pavement. 

killercadoogan's picture

Running makes the desserts taste better.

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you guys are wonderful :-)

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Yodel-ay-he-ho!  Now go!

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