Record Breaking

Iowans Aim for Group Yoga Record

Don't even talk to a New Yorker or Los Angelino about yoga classes in, say, Cleveland, or spin classes in Milwaukee. Coastal types are cultural snobs, of course, and that snobbery extends to workout culture. Well, back off snobsters, looks who's gunning for the group yoga class record now: Good old Fairfield, Iowa has gotten clearance for a mega yoga event on the lawn in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse. Move over Yoga at the Great Lawn! Here's the call from Fairfield's

Assistant Director Terry Baker of the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau asked the supervisors to allow six instructors and possibly hundreds of yoga practitioners to use the lawn in what could become an annual event. maybe they're going for the Jefferson County record, not the world record, but STILL! Really, it's Lululemon's world, and we just live in it.



This makes perfect sense if you've been to Fairfield.  It's the home of Vedic City, IA, the home of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the center of all things Transcendental Meditation (i.e. the Maharishi University of Management and the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment).  I once helped remodel a house there because TM has its own kind of feng sui (Sthapatya Veda), which prefers east-facing front doors.  This has resulted in east-facing houses having higher property values in Fairfield than the west-facing ones across the street.  We were making over a 200-year-old American Gothic farmhouse to comply with Sthapatya Vedic principles.  That's Fairfield. 

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OMG! That's amazing. Thanks for the deep intel.

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Haha.  I got a little carried away there.  It's really a charming place, though.  Imagine a small Midwestern town square in which all of the storefronts have been turned into Thai restaurants and Ayurvedic pharmacies... 

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