Now that the million minute challenge is over. I'm back.

I just didn't like it...Sorry.

In my opinion it was well intentioned but it didn't work for me.   I have already made this known but I didn't like a lot of what people considered "activity".  I have already said my peace on this...moving on.  Two.  It just turned into a lot of bean counting...BORING.  Three this challenge should have united the site.  There should have been community park workouts, like there was during the summer challenges.  For the most part from what I saw there was a lot of individual efforts.  I mean we got to a million but I think that we would have gotten there sooner if people got more "Social" in their workouts. 

Alright I am done complaining about the challenge.  First of all, I'm annoyed with myself that I walked away.  I felt the absense of the site in my daily existance and realized that I should have done something about the issues that I had with the challenge.  I could have tried to get people together to work out but I didn't.  That being said, I am not going to walk away from a challenge from this point on.  I may not complete a challenge but I will attempt every one.  If it's a challenge like the Million Minute Month.  I will blog every workout and not just count beans.  This is the promise I am making to myself. 



yay! you can resume your commenting duties now ;-)

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so glad to have you back :)

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I'm back too! Same reason. Welcome back!

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KDOOG! So glad to have you back, and thanks as always for keeping it real. Your criticisms are entirely valid. THe MMM was flawed, but it WAS kind of weirdly cool how the sheer longevity of it came to mean something. Anyhoo, we're on to new things, and more social workouts, and your presence vital and greatly appreciated. As is your feedback, which will be especially helpful as we slowly evolve to SW2.0.... Onward!

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