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Hi Peeps,

We're almost there! My personal goal is to reach 2000 minutes....what's yours? Anyways, it's been a while since I've posted a blog so I thought I'd give you a wee update. So far I have lost 22lbs and it feels great. I am 9lbs away from my summer goal which is to lose 31lbs or 10% of my body weight. Technically I have about 3 weeks to make that happen, but I'm willing to go easy on myself if I miss it by a a pound or two.

I'm really loving exercising and have begun to crave it.  I notice the difference that it makes in my life and mind set.  I always liked to move my body, but I always felt I had to do it in private and now that is not the case, The sense of shame and embarrasment has waned enough that the other day I went back to my gym after being away for a year and got another membership....and I've been going!

I've also been getting sweaty with friends which is something I didn't do too often because i felt so bad about being out of shape. I was on the phone the other day talking to a good friend who has been a wonderful health mentor for me and he pointed out that exercise has become a habit for me, that was cool.

Other things I've noticed:

-I sweat less when I'm performing

-My stamina has increased. There is a hill close to a place where I sing and I used to huff and puff walking up it and now, I don't.

-My clothes fit better and I'm already feeling some room in the new jeans I bought!

-I'm happier and more hopeful

-I listen to my body more

-My palate has changed and I like eating fresh, simple, tasty foods

-I'm stronger and more flexible

One last cool thing, I have a this bracelet that I've been wearing for about 3 months now. It wasn't tight when i bought it, but it fit well on my wrist. However, NOW it's barely able to stay on there. I'm going to wear it unitl it falls off. Whenever I feel discouraged or feel like things aren't changing, I look at my little bracelet. It's concrete proof that I'm doing well.

I can't stop now, the tangibility of success and plain ol' curiositiy are just too much to turn back. I have already accomplished so much that it would be a shame to not go all the way. It would be like getting to the top of the Empire State Building, but not looking at the view.

And awaaaaaaaay we go.........





22 pounds is really impressive! Good luck on meeting your goal!

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so awesome! congrats!

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