Redefining Girl Pushups

A little inspiration for all you pushup challengers:

(via Conditioning Research)


I can't seem to do pushups without my elbows popping in a scary way (the noise would be bad enough, but it also kinda hurts the joints).  Any idea what's going on there?  Trainers up to this point haven't been very helpful.

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zuzu, i've had the same thing, but my joints in general tend to pop a lot.

In my personal experience, experimenting with arm placement helped. unfortunately for me, the hands farther back causes the least popping. unfortunate cause its the hardest.

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I also have loud-popping joints!  The strange thing is that sometimes when I do push-ups, they don't pop, and sometimes they do.  All my joints started being loud rather suddenly during a seemingly-unrelated illness, and have never stopped. I agree that hands farther back seemed to help. 

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