Deal Alert

Cheapquinox, Wanderlust, and DivaDance

Deals you ought to know about:

  • Today's NYC Groupon: a four-session package of either DivaHip Hop or DivaStrip dance classes at DivaDance Company for $32. 
  • Meanwhile, over at Gilt Group, they're giving away a free trip to Wanderlust 2011. (Wanderlust 2010 kicks off tomorrow! Still time for you to get on a plane to Tahoe!) 
  • And if you've already double-dipped on Equinox free passes but still need an affordable fix, consider Cheapquinox. Equinox is starting a new $20/month chain called Blink. First one opens this fall on Lafayette and East 4th. 
The New Blink (via


I am so excited about Blink....

FatBottomSlim's picture

What?! I might have just found my new gym... FatBottomSlim, I will see you there!!

shaynet's picture

but they don't have classes :( i need classes or i won't get anything done...

Fraidy's picture

I figured they wouldn't have classes and I am totally ok with that since I am pretty good these days at kicking my own ass. Plus that will free up some of my cash for the fun classes I love that aren't at the gym like Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp and Flywheel! That said, I think that classes are the reason lots of people will choose to stay at places like Crunch and Equinox but since I hate the classes at NYSC that isn't a reason for me to stay there at all!

FatBottomSlim's picture

EXACTLY fatbottom.  I just cancelled my $145 a month Equinox membership.  I've found better yoga and pilates classes elsewhere (better in that they hold my hand because I still need that), plus I like BB Boot Camp so much I'm already saving up for september's slim and strong.


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