Tracy Anderson's ALS Benefit Bootcamp

This Saturday, should you find yourself in the Hamptons, you can get in a three-hour bootcamp with Tracy Anderson, or a 90-minute spin class with Marion Roaman of Ride the Zone, or a yoga class with Jessica Bellofatto of KamaDeva Yoga. If you still have energy after all that, there's also a tennis tournament. This extravaganza of toning and exertion is all part of Hopes4ALS, a fundraiser for Project A.L.S. a non-profit working to find treatments and cures for A.L.S. Tickets are $300. Should you prefer to simply gawk at Tracy Anderson and the celebs major and minor who will likely turn out for the event, spectator tickets are $100. Juice bar, food, and wine included. Details after the jump.

  • Where: SPORTIME, 150 Town Lane, Amangansett, NY
  • When: Saturday, July 31, 2010, 4 - 7 P.M.
  • Tickets: Available at Project A.L.S

Find out more about Project A.L.S. and their work to create the first effect treatments for A.L.S.

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This is a fun event last year! I am looking forward to going again on Saturday.

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