The Buffest City Workers: Garbage Men

“Out of all the agencies, this is the job you want to be physically fit for...that stuff doesn’t jump in that hopper. It gets in there by lifting, pulling, poking and dumping,” says the president of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association. Accordingly, the Sanitation Department has a physical test. It's like trash CrossFit. Here's what it looked like in 1940:

  • Hoist a 120-pound trash can up onto a 4 foot 6 inch ledge
  • Scale an 8 foot tall fence
  • Run 120 yards in 25 seconds while carrying a 50-pound dumbell in each hand.

Here's what it looks like today:

  • Drag five 30-pound trashcans, with additional poundage of garbage from 3 to 35 pounds, to a container 8-feet away. Lift and dump. Complete in 3 minutes 31 seconds.
  • Repeat, but this time there's a fake car in the way, so instead of a strait line to the dumping container, you have to zig around the fake car. Complete in six minutes.
  • Drag eight items, weighing from 8 to 55 pounds between two boxes and lift them into the container. 
  • Repeat, but with a fake snow bank.
  • Repeat, but with a simulated parked car you have to maneuver around.
  • Carry six items through a simulated double-parked car situation
  • Carry seven items over mock railroad tie. Lift, dump.  

So yes, slightly less intense than scaling fences and sprinting with dumbbells, but still, definitely something. (via New York Times)

Trash (via <a href="">mysza831</a>)


men in uniform!?

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I'd totally date a NYC garbage man if they can complete that workout/challenge in a decent time.

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