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7 weeks ago I gave birth to my first child. A daugher. Jane.

Jane was born at home in our little London flat in a rented birthing pool. I was in labor for a total of 9 hours, the first 8 of which I spent dancing with my husband in our living room. I literally danced my way through the contractions.

Since the day Jane was born I have found that the best way to soothe her is to turn on music and dance with her. It is not sufficient to just sway back and forth or bounce up and down, she wants to dance for real, with proper rythm, in time with the music. As such, for the last 7 weeks, I've been spending at least an hour a day dancing, and I find myself wondering why I ever stopped dancing in the first place.

As a young child I attended dance classes, then I figure skated for 10 years, and after that I was a cheerleader. Through these activities I danced almost every day of my life. Sometime in my early twenties, right after college, I stopped dancing regularly. I picked up tennis and pilates, but only danced a handfull of times a year when out with friends, or at weddings etc. Now that I'm dancing again I wonder how I ever lived without it. There is no more natural way to relax and feel happy than to dance and I am so grateful to Jane for bringing dancing back into my life.

I am slightly less grateful however for the 25lbs I have leftover from my pregnancy. In the coming weeks I'm going to focus on getting my diet back together and just continue dancing and the occasional mummy & me yoga class for my fitness regime.

I've missed you SW. It's good to be back.


lovely. jane is such a pretty name! can't wait until she starts blogging her workouts on here too. haha with all that dancing you're doing, the 25 pounds will be gone in no time.

welcome back!!!!

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welcome back and congrats on baby Jane!

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YAY you're back! Do we get a baby dancing picture! I have been so wondering how you were doing with the baby. So glad your labor was relatively short too. Hi Jane!

Oliver we need SW onesies STAT!

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Oh, so wonderful!  Congratulations! And it's so great to have you back!

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I love ALL of this! Congratulations!

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congratulations! and, lovely post :-)

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Love that you danced your way though labor.  Welcome back and congratulations! 

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So beautiful! And so glad to have you back. Welcome to you and Jane.

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danced through labor? beautiful.  and pictures please!

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