Thinking is way easier than doing

Thought I'd really get into shape this summer. Thought I'd be working out in the morning and losing weight. Eating well and drinking less.

This is my first SW blog in a long time. I haven't ran or been to the gym in at least a month. I've walked a lot, but not enough to maintain my weight so I'm back to where I started in the begining of the year. I threw out a bunch of lettuce yesterday because I let it go bad, I felt so awful that I did that, not only because it was a waste of food and money, but that I knew the things I ate instead of it were not that great for me.

I am really looking forward to the next challenge and Social Workout's new site. I need to find my motivation and determination again. I need to get back into being very active and feeling good about myself. I just got to start doing.


chin up! it's a process and it'll get easier ...yes, maybe you lost momentum, but you already know what you need to do and you'll do it!

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bumps in the road happpen, and are not fun, But, what matters more is the fact that you catch yourself and make positive changes to prevent them in the future. you CAN do this so believe in yourself! We're hear to support you when you need it, too!

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you can do it! it's def hard to get back into things when you lose the motivation. but you had it before, so you can def get it back! good luck!

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thanks guys

this is why I love SW so much :D

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Today is a new day. Forget what you failed to do yesterday and start fresh now!

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Courage, my love.  Just do 1 small thing and don't beat yourself up about it.

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