Caffeine Free

Social Workout 2.0 Wrecks My Morning

Last Thursday I got all cocky. Tooling around Social Workout 2.0, I enthusiastically whipped up the "28 Days to Caffeine Freedom Challenge. No sodas, no coffee, no tea, no yerba mate, and no tears!" and without much thought about the consequences of my rash action, I set the start date for that very day. Today marks my first caffeine-free Monday morning. And I'm not crying, but I am drooling on my keyboard. I just picked up my wallet and told Oliver I was caving, for the sake of the blog. He recited a bunch of Wake Up Call quotes and suggested I try some pushups. I complied. Image above: What I'm dreaming of right now. After the jump: Video of a peppy person who has given up coffee in a much more reasonable fashion. Apparently the secret is "determination" and "sports drinks."

Coffee (via <a href="">bradleygee</a>)


Oh, I've been down that rabbit-hole.  You have all my sympathies.  You probably shouldn't look at that picture too much, though... it's making me crave iced coffee and I'm drinking hot coffee right now. 

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For some reason, once I realized I couldn't have half and half in my coffee, (and wasn't going to eat the starbucks raspberry scone I used to couple it with) I just stopped coffee - with no side effects... getting more sleep and exercise and I don't need the rush in the morning or during the day anymore...

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The caffeine detox is rough.  My thoughts are with you!

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The first three days of caffeine detox are painful. Usually I switch to green tea for the first week to ease the transition. Once you get through the first week you'll feel great! Good luck!!

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You're so brave! How traumatic. Maybe hot pink lipstick or giant accessories will help? That's what I do when all else seems lost.

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