Women's free CrossFit beginners class...

In my morning email came this little nugget of info: CrossFit NYC: The Black Box has a women-only free beginner class on Tuesdays, 6:30PM. 25 W. 26th St., 3rd Fl.

I just signed up for it on their website, but thought I should pass it along just in case other gal out there had been wanting to try Crossfit too....


whats the website? i'll come. i need a tuesday workout.

Fraidy's picture

Oooh me too.. Me too!

Evangeline's picture

The address is www.crossfitnyc.com

I can't wait to see you both there!

FatBottomSlim's picture

I just signed up. I'm pretty sure I'm going to puke, but I am ready!

Evangeline's picture

Im in!

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