Joesgirl Feat Suggestion #3: If you could achieve any feat this summer . . . what would it be?

Wow, did a million things float into my head the minute Oliver posed this question, but this is what it all boils down to for me: if I could accomplish any feat this summer, it would be to find a way to have faith that all in the Universe (and my world) is working out as it should, and that I can trust in that conclusion continuously and always.

How, you might ask, does one go about acheiving such a feat in concrete terms?  Good question.  Here's what comes to mind:

1) Once a day, pause, and resolve to hold my heart open to the possibility that the challenges I face in my life are there as invitations to learn something, instead of traumas to be survived or experiences to merely tolerate.

2) Once a day, pause, and express gratitude, even just to myself but preferably out loud, for all the wonderful people and things I have in my life that give me joy and support and push me toward greater wellness (helloooo, Social Workout!)

3) Once a day, throw my arms around a loved one and tell them how much they matter to me.

4) Once a day, find something to laugh about.

5) Once a day, daydream about what is possible, and then take one step, however small, to put that hoped for reality into action.

6) And when life's little coincidences come to pass, those messages from wherever that indicate to you that you are on the right path, and that all is, in fact, working out exactly as it's supposed to, FOR GOD'S SAKE BLOG ABOUT IT.  (smile)

I feel like this is a topic that I could go on and on about for quite some time, and that is also in some ways quite personal, but regardless, this is what I want most to accomplish in the next three months.  I am determined to find a path to optimism and hope and gratitude and most of all grace under all sorts of pressure this summer.  I would love it if all of Social Workout would join me.  :)



I love this one. Positivity is a damn fine goal.

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It's like you're on fire with these! Bases loaded, and you just hit another one out of the park.

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Great post...great ideas!

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this is great! 

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i agree with everyone else. thanks for the feat inspiration!

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