food feat

Not sure if food is included in the scope of the next challenge, but this one comes from a friend who's putting together a "food exchange." It's still "in the works," which makes it seem like perfect feat fodder – will we actually do it? 

What it is:

• Get a group of friends together (right now it looks like we'll be four households totaling 6.25 people)

• Make a meal that's enough for everybody

• All vegetarian

• Whole grains, wherever possible

• Freeze-able

• Meet-n-swap

• TBD: how often

Uh-oh. Not USAToday, but it looks like the NYT just covered this. Still, doesn't it seem like a worthy feat?

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I used to do this w/ a group of friends/neighbors and it revolutionized our lives! We did it once a week and had so much extra free time on week nights, and it saved a lot of money (since cooking in bulk is less expensive). Ours only lasted about 6 months though and then it petered out bc we had swap-scheduling difficulties. Good luck w/ yours -- I hope you like it!

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I used to fo this with a group of friends too. It was amazing! I never ate so well in my life! It was a great community builder and it was always exciting to see what you'd get!

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