Joesgirl Feat Suggestion #2: Silence

OK, so kicking around my head as well these last few days has been the issue of silence.  I'm not sure if it's just the fact that in the last fifteen months, I've gone from being a lifelong single girl to sharing a house with a man and two French Bulldogs (love them all, of course), and then getting married and moving from a dead-quiet side street in the West Village to a much more noisy area of Brooklyn, but I have been noticing more and more how there is almost never any true quiet in my life any more when it used to be a huge part of my existence.  I am also overly sensitive to sound, I think, especially in the morning when I'm waking up, and so there is something about quiet that has felt more and more, well, necessary than it ever has before.

The only time I ever get to sit in total silence any longer is first thing in the morning when my husband and dogs are still in bed.  The difficulty is this: that's also the only time that I consistently can set aside for working out when I know nothing else is going to interfere.  But all that said: I think the prioritization of silence, especially in a huge urban environment like NYC, is worthy of summer featdom.

So, here it is: for a minimum of ten minutes a day, every day, you must carve out a place and a time to sit in silence.  Now, silence is a relative term-- parts of Central Park can be virtually silent except for birds, for instance.  But the critical part is this: the locale must be such that you are not distracted by anything, and where you can carve out the time to just sit with yourself and your thoughts and be quiet.  Where and when is up to you.  And this can of course be in conjunction with a meditation practice, but it doesn't have to be.  Every day, ten minutes-- and for me, that will likely mean getting out of bed ten minutes early to make it happen.  So be it-- I am so much better all day long if I just have some quiet time to myself at the start of my day. 

Also, for those who want to take it further (and I have been reading about this and am tempted myself), I offer the advanced, extra credit, bonus points version of the feat: tack on one entire day of silence for yourself at some point this summer-- no speaking, no television, no music, no phone, no nothing.  I am personally curious about what that kind of deprivation would feel like, and suspect that it is incredibly peaceful and awesome.  Reading a book is allowed, but any likely-to-ding technology is out. 

Here ends feat suggestion #2. 


Ha!  I just went back and checked out last summer's challenge, pre-Joesgirl membership in SW, and discovered that, well, many of you have been there/done that.  Still an important one for me, though. 

Oliver, do I get points for effort?  ;)

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You definiltey get points, and especially for thoughtfulness! Reminds me: I went to the Public Library a few months back to hear Geroge Prochnik talk about his new book, In Pursuit of Silence. He was wonderful, and I suspect the book is great, though I haven't started it yet. You might check it out....

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