Feat: Social Workout Runners

There are more than a few runners on the site. So, I propose a running feat! What's your goal? To improve speed? To go further? To stick to your running plan (uhm...that would be me)? Whatever it is: let it be known & we'll keep you accountable! Alternately, just sign up for a specific challenge:

  • Running Streak: run every day for X number of days
  • Mileage Goal: run X number of miles during the course of a challenge
  • Barefoot Workout: find some grass & run barefoot OR if you really want to get into it: get some vibrams and make "barefoot" running your new running goal!
  • Race-Ready: Pick a race, register, train & run it! Bonus points for doing it with other SW'ers!
  • Join the SW running group: For all the NYC'ers (or people who are visiting), I'm happy to start a weekly running meet-up. I'm thinking Saturday or Sunday mornings, before it gets too hot. Depending on what people prefer, we can also do a evening weekday run!


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Ooh, this is my favorite one so far.  I already set a goal to run four continuous miles by the end of July, so this would fit right in!

sadie's picture

I like this one too.  I also like the idea of a weekly SW running group.

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I am back from the dead. Huzzah! We should get on the SW Running team thing. Will you be gymming tomorrow night or Wednesday?

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i haven't quite decided what to do tonight...i'm thinking i may try for a central park run...which is a scary scary thought...

up for it?

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