CrossFit Games 2010: The "Woodstock of Fitness"

They may still claim counter-cultural chic, but CrossFit has definitely gone big time. Proof: This year's games — less than three weeks away — will not take place in dusty Aromas, CA as have past editions (somewhere in the desert between Salinas and Hollister), but rather in the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. Yes, the same place Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers play. Fifty men and 50 women, most of whom clawed their way through months of "regionals" and "sectionals," will compete for a grand prize of $25,000. That's real money.

I still can't make up my mind if CrossFit is, at its core, a celebration of meat-headedness, or a welcome backlash against the cultural dominance of long distance running, or both. It is all about burly-ness, but it's not dumb, nor is it nearly as niche as the weightlifting crowd at Gold's. I dropped into CrossFit South Brooklyn recently (on DeGraw Street) to find nothing but groovy charm: A garage door wide open to the sidewalk giving way to a clean steel-and-concrete space with floor-to-ceiling ropes and a mid-century modern sofa area, and a very nice teacher milling about. It seemed like a fun place to work out, far more real than certain corporate chain gyms. And when I watch the highlight real of the Northeast Regional finals, I must say I kind of like the heroism of it all. In short, I'm pro CrossFit. Anyone heading to L.A. for the finals, or should Social Workout send someone?

CrossFit, 2010 Northeast Regionals (Via <a href="">CrossFit</a>.)


i think you should send me ;-)

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