Been stressed? Yeah, a bit...

Ups and downs today.

I went in this morning to see another doctor.  My blood pressure was up, as was my RHR at 67 bpm...good results.  We talked about the results from when I had the heart rate monitor strapped to me for 24 hours.  Everything checked out okay.

"Have you been under any stress lately?"

Yes, I have, in fact.

For a month I'm to cut back on exercise to just daily walks, and practice deep breathing exercises more often.  Get back into meditating.  Relax.  Keep my diary updated with any concerns.  If the pain strikes, write about it.  I'll see the doctor after a month and take it from there.  If the pain continues, more tests.

After the appointment I felt a little better.  I spent the rest of the morning with my husband, and that was pretty good.  I thought about how I will treat myself for the next month, setting small goals for myself.  It was sort of an up-and-down thing, unfortunately.  I'd feel good for a bit, thinking positive thoughts...then things would backfire as I'd think about bad things.

One thing I am happy about is that I don't have to work in the morning.  I can take my time all morning with warm-ups and stretching, take a walk, get some cleaning done in the house, get some reading done....

I'm determined to get healthy again.  I'm determined to take things easy...stop being so hard on myself.  Lighten up, for God's sake!



Yikes, doctors tests = no fun.  I hate to play Internet doctor, but have they checked your thyroid function?  I went through a similiar-sounding medical adventure last year when I was tested for Addison's, lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis... the works.  It turned out to be autoimmune thyroid disease.  When the thyroid is over-functioning it causes racing heart, panic, voracious appetite, and when it's under-functioning, it causes low heart rate, bp, and appetite suppression.  Of course I'm only thinking of this because it's kind of a soapbox issue for me... but especially in the early stages, there was a lot of back and forth between symptoms and no symptoms, over-function and under-function. 

I hope you find out what's going on and get it under control soon!

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Yep, thyroid was checked, too.  Normal.  I think I may ask to be re-tested when I see him next month, though.

It would be good to know that it's only stress-related and by the end of the month I have it under control with deep breathing exercises and meditation.  Then I can refocus and get back to reaching my fitness goals.

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my mother went through months of testing and the thyroid function kept coming up as normal...until it didn't. apparently, that's a tricky one to catch. i'd have them retest if you have a strong intuition about it!

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Yes, and also, don't just take "normal" for an answer.  Get the actual TSH number from the lab report (you can just call them and ask them to read it out of your chart).  It should be between 0.3 and 3, but a lot of labs are still using pre-2002 guidelines, which go up to 5 or 6.  Doctors don't memorize the normal ranges for all the tests they run-- they rely on the labs.  But 5 or 6 is too high and means thyroid function is low.  Even though my TSH level was never measured over 5.86, I was very sick, and taking thyroid hormone made a 100% difference in my quality of life. It's way, way under-diagnosed.  Again, this might not be your problem, but it's very common, and your symptoms sound just like mine! 

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Point taken.  I'll see about getting those numbers.  Thanks!

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Update:  TSH #:  1.43

I think I have just been too hard on myself, letting a lot of things get to me lately, and my body's just telling me to knock it off.  Relax.  Chill.

Thanks for the feedback, though.  I wouldn't have bothered ringing for those numbers had it not been suggested to me.  I <3 social workout!

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