Feat Suggestion for Feats of Summer 2.0!

Alright, my suggested feat is extremely challenging but, if accomplished, will improve our lives in three general areas:

(1) Healthy eating

(2) Personal Finance

(3) General Preparedness

Sounds good, right? Here's the feat:

No food on the run for one month. No random, unplanned food purchases while out and about. I'm not talking about meeting a friend for dinner or your usual morning coffee that you always buy; those are premeditated. I'm talking about when you're out running errands, suddenly realize you're starving, and consequently make a (probably unhealthy and pricey) food choice you wouldn't normally have made. These are the situations in which cookies are really hard to pass up. 

I know, it's a tough feat because it requires planning ahead and making sure to have snacks on hand (preferably healthy with a good mix of protein and carbs to tide you over). But I think it's worth a shot. And it will bring us all a little close to our collective goal of being more like boy scouts.

Takers? Anyone?


Tags: feats


I like this one....

FatBottomSlim's picture

Not a bad idea - can this also include abstaining from incedentals at work?  I'm normally better, but the free bagels this week were enticing and now I feel guilty.

stealthyLo's picture

I agree with abstaining from incidentals. You never really want them, and you rarely remember them after. They are like the drunken one night stand of food consumption. 

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