Turn Your Baby Into A CrossFit Demon?

The Park Avenue set now hires personal trainers for their five-year-olds. Canadians are crazy for child triathlons. There's the four-year-old in India whose parents hired a trainer to help him set the 1,500-pushups-in-40-minutes national record. But somehow all of that seems tame compared to Kiddie CrossFit. The trend is apparently picking up in California, with Hercules Fitness Gym in Hercules, California leading the way. As a reminder, CrossFit is hardcore!  I am both scared for, and scared of, CrossFit babies. And I say babies, because enrollment starts at age three.

CrossFit Kid (via <a href="">herculescrossfit</a>)


While I think that trainers for little kids is a terrible trend, if you actually go to the CrossFit kids class website, that looks like they are having fun and more then a little like old school PE classes.

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