Overseen (does that count, if no one was talking?)

Today at Crunch Lafayette I saw the most bizarre thing. The guy on the treadmill next to me (well, I purposely chose that treadmill when I noticed him) was playing guitar. He was also on the highest incline. It was not easy getting this picture without being too noticeable. 

Other than that, the gym was rather quite. There were plenty of people, but no conversations.


Tags: HMSP


oh I'd say that counts - and that's definitely odd...

Butwhatifido's picture

that is weirder than the broccoli...

msh258's picture

What songs was he playing or was he just practicing arpeggios or something?

Saucyd's picture

i couldn't make out the song. i was too busy figuring out how to take the picture.

Fraidy's picture

thats bizzare.......Did anyone seem to mind that he was playing? Maybe he wanted to lead everyone in a gym-wide sing along?

regardless, I say that definately counts!

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ok, whoa.

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Only in NY!

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