So I'm flying to Europe on Wednesday for two weeks.  It's my first ever "real" vacation.  Heading to Paris for a friends wedding and then ditching everybody and backpacking by myself to the other spots.  

I'm actually being quite adventurous and trying out, staying with friendly locals with a warm couch and a knack for finding the cool dive bars.  Throwing in an actual friends' loft, and a hostel, I am thinking to come out of this adventure with quite a few stories just from the new friends and people I will meet this way.

Crossfit??  YES!  I will be stopping at Crossfit Brussels and Crossfit Amsterdam, and am SO excited!!  Much to my dismay, the Parisiens have not yet adopted our intensely hardcore metabolic/olympic lifting method of training.  Any suggestions on other workouts I should try?

If you want to follow my hijinks in europe, I will be tweeting from everywhere, and probably with pictures:


May 26 - May 30 : PARIS

May 30 - May 31 : STRASBOURG

June 1 - June 3 : BRUSSELS

June 3 - June 6 : AMSTERDAM


In the French countryside, 2009


heck yes!!! so jealous of your trip. i've done couchsurfing before and met some cool people. can't wait to see the photos. have a great time!!!

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