My mlogging dilemma and how I spent my day off.

I should just call this week The Week Evangeline Relaxed (A Little). Because that is essentially what has happened. There has been an unprecedented amount of not freaking out (too much) from me, which includes moments where I state "I'm not going to freak out because I went to yoga yesterday and I am calm, goddammit!" My Friday was no different. Except I didn't work out. A lick. I was active though.

I've been thinking about this active/inactvie thing a lot this month, since it is the Million Minute Month and all. Or was, since today is the last day of what was originally the end and I am only posting this four weeks late. So I have some guilt about having a relatively low number at the moment (1386) because I was slacking on the workouts this month.

However, this doesn't mean I've been idle. Unlike most people, I have a job that keeps me pretty active. I work in a big-ass bookstore and I walk. Constantly. In what are essentially gigantic circles. My department is as far away from my office as you can possibly get, and the escalators are slow (to me) and don't work sometimes, so I am always chugging up and down on my own two legs. I also lift, shelve, squat, carry, run, climb, sing, dance, chase children, park strollers, and occasionally do miscellaneous cleaning. During the New Year's Edition Challenge, I bought a pedometer and wore it to work every day for a week. At one point I logged 13,369 steps in an eight hour shift, and on a slow day (where I spent 3 hours in my office and at lunch) I logged 7,428 steps. This isn't counting any steps I took to get to work, get my groceries, run other errands or my eventual workouts.

So logging minutes has been a source of some frustration. I've been active, but I read the challenge to mean activity outside of my usual routine. Which discounts an average of 450 minutes of activity a day that could put us closer to our target number. And mine. Which was precisely 3,334. (If 300 people signed up, that's how much each person would have had to log to make a million in 30 days) And I'm at less than half of that. Which means I've been watching entirely too much Law & Order. And that I should get a desk job since those minutes didn't flipping count anyway. But then I probably wouldn't be able to eat as many french fries without any real consequences.

So back to Friday. Friday I had a date with my mother-in-law and aunt to get facials. After several years of proselytizing the benefits of letting someone else beautifying your face while you do absolutely no-thing, my aunt and I convinced my mother-in-law to go for it. And it was wonderful. I also got a massage while I was waiting for them to finish up. I've only had a professional massage two other times in my life and I am adding this to that list of things I should be doing more often. I was a little sore from the previous day's mega-spin and maybe yoga too, so when the masseuse was working knots out of my back and shoulders I thought I would cry. Not because it hurt, but because it felt so good to have someone push those little lumps out of my body and into whatever. (I got the "Drink lots of water today" advice, which makes me wonder what might be in those little lumps that makes me need more water.)

And then I was back in my zen place. We met up with my husband and his father, we had a nice lunch on the Bowery, and then headed home on foot. Heading home turned into a 120 minute jaunt across town in weather I was overdressed for, but it felt so good to be out and moving. So good that I did something I never do. I wore shorts. Yup. I, who never wears shorts for a very long list of reasons, decided last night that I wanted to got out of my house for dinner and that I would do so wearing shorts. Which threw my zen for a loop, because I immediately second guessed it and got super self conscious but I was halfway to the restaurant and I couldn't very well turn around and change, so I went with it. And almost started to enjoy it. Almost. Who knew?

Clearly, that is not moi.


Great blog, as usual.

And congrats on wearing shorts. I wore them for the first time (since I was 6 or something) without feeling self-conscious last summer. And since I'm about 15 lbs. heavier at the moment (hence my comment the other day that I look okay, but not good), I don't know if I'll be putting on those shorts anytime soon. Just like with everything outside of our comfort zones, repeated wearing should result in more comfort. Good luck!

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