Mariko Runs on Neon Sports Bra Energy

Every day, we give you a snapshot of one fellow striver in fitness. We ask personal questions, he or she boldly answers. Today's snapshot: Mariko, aka marikorose.

  • What's your secret (fitness-related) sin? Honestly, it's how much I don't workout. I'm a senior in college and generally busy and stressed. My schedule isn't healthy or regular! Unfortunately I usually pick sleeping a few more hours during the day over going to the gym. Which is sad because exercise helps with stress. It's a downward spiral that I'm trying to remedy by doing yoga in the mornings. After I graduate (In less than two weeks!!) all bets are off.
  • What do you wear to the gym? Anything I can find. A tee shirt, tank top, leggings, spandex. Sometimes even tube socks to make a splash. I recently bought neon sports bras! They're fabulous and energy-inducing. Sometimes I wear them out with a fancier outfit on the weekends. 
  • What's the healthiest thing you eat? I've recently discovered bok choy. It's brilliant! Also, I'm really in to soy lattes. Do they count as healthy?? Just soy milk and espresso, no sugar. They're creamy and dreamy, without the stomach-upsetting dairy! Definitely not what I expected when I first tried one. I recommend them highly!! Tell your friends!! Their deliciousness takes me one step closer to my dream of being vegan. 
  • What's your number one workout spot? Right now, it's my college gym, although I'd prefer a yoga or dance studio. I get distracted in the gym if no one's telling me what to do. That being said, I do enjoy running on the treadmill watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." 
  • What's the best thing in your gym bag? My water bottle! I bring it everywhere, not just to the gym. It helps me to stay hydrated. Three months ago I would have said my iPod shuffle — it's perfect for working out — but I lost it. 
  • What's your go-to workout? A dance class. Ballet, hip hop, anything. Most recently I've been learning Middle Eastern dance. I grew up in the dance studio, so it feels natural. It's more than just exercise, it's an art! 
  • What would you do (fitness wise) if you had all the time/ability in the world? Become a professional dancer, or maybe join Cirque de Soleil. Also, I would go on all of those exotic yoga retreats. Or hire a personal trainer to follow me everywhere I go. 
  • What (class/activity/food/trend/miracle-cure) are you just never going to try? Bowflex. At least I would never buy it. Have you seen those commercials?? They should try some different marketing techniques maybe.
  • What superhero (real life or fictional) most inspires you? Lara Croft! From a self-proclaimed feminist's perspective, she's just bad ass! It's been a family joke growing up that she's my alter-ego due to how much I played the computer game. But I don't mind! Someday I'll travel the world, searching for ancient artifacts, wearing motorcycle boots, short shorts, and aviators. :) In all seriousness though, any woman who is confident and content with herself is a hero to me.



<3 neon sports bras. They make any workout exciting. :)

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