Lee Anne Loves Dry Shampoo and Reading Vanity Fair on the Elliptical

Every day, we give you a snapshot of one fellow striver in fitness. We ask personal questions, he or she boldly answers. Today's snapshot: Lee Anne, aka rahree.

  • What's the best thing in your gym bag? Three things: the iPod of Inspiration, my trusty sneakers, and the dry shampoo that makes the aftermath of midday workouts less nasty.
  • What's the healthiest thing you eat? I'm a big fan of oven-roasted kale —and this from a girl who doesn't so much eat salads. Oven roasted veggies are great, and now that berries are in season I'm stuffing them into my cheeks like a squirrel.
  • What's your secret (fitness-related) sin? I hardly ever stretch out after my workout. When I do, I love it...but usually when the workout is done I'm beating the feet, on to the next thing. I try to even it out by doing yoga at home a few times a week. 
  • What do you wear to the gym? My gym clothes, silly! My hubby buys my gear from Lululemon, and his taste is so good that I've made it part of his job description. I've not branched into shorts yet, but am hoping that I'll be able to soon! 
  • What's your number one workout spot? I'm an Equinox (Tyson's Corner) girl. I took dance classes throughout college, but afterward I couldn't really bring myself to do classes, of any type. My husband is a committed athlete and has been on me for years to get into the gym, touting classes as the be-all-end-all. We joined this gym last year, and I love the classes! Go figure! I get bored easily, but there's enough variety that I can pick and choose my workout depending on what looks good — yoga one day, kettlebells the next — it's like a physical-motion salad bar.   
  • What's your go-to workout? If I'm not in a class, I'm either jogging around my neighborhood (it's especially pretty this time of year) or on the elliptical...usually with a Vanity Fair in hand. (That magazine powers my longest workouts. Is that wrong?) 
  • What would you do (fitness wise) if you had all the time/ability in the world? I've always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail - the whole thing. And I have a secret dream of running a marathon. (I've signed up for three different 5ks this spring...and I'm taking my cue from Dr. Drew, and just running: not worrying about running fast or hard, just running. I think it's a good start.)
  • What are you just never going to try? Atkins. Gah. Now, if someone came up with a bread-butter-cheese-chocolate-wine diet, I'd totally sign on for that. I doubt I'd lose any weight, but it'd sure be fun! And I'm too self-conscious to do the exotic dance classes...just can't get there. 
  • What superhero (real life or fictional) most inspires you? I'm a big fan of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. He embodies the phrase "grace under pressure," don't you think? And my real life superhero is my bestie from high school who is fighting cancer while working and raising two fabulous little ones. She's much too young, but is rolling with it so gracefully. When I don't feel like taking care of myself or am feeling lazy or creaky, one thought of her reminds me that, if I'm healthy enough to exercise, I damn well better.


Lee Anne!

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