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Being Around Food All Day Makes Tere Fox Really Happy

The second in our series of conversations with chefs. The late hours, the endless rich food... Is there such a thing as a healthy chef? We investigate. Today, we're in Williamsburg with Rockin' Raw's pastry chef Tere Fox (pictured left with her co-owner Luis Salgado). We asked, Tere graciously answered:

  • Do you eat dessert?  About how many a week?  I have dessert every single day! It works out really well. All the desserts at our restaurant have five ingredients or less. It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to make something amazing. Everything is gluten free, raw, and organic. We only use agave or fruit to sweeten desserts, and they’re just amazing. They’re good for you. How could you not have dessert when they’re like that?  
  • What takes the biggest toll: the hours, the food, stress, or the standing up? Long hours, if there’s a lot in your personal life you might feel pressure. But being around all that food makes me really happy. I get so excited seeing the customers come in and how excited they are. 
  • Are you in touch with your body?  Oh my gosh, It’s so much more than I ever expected. It goes down to being around the food all day. I know when I’m full, and I know when I’m not full. I feel more in tune with my body than I ever have ever.
  • Do you ever exercise outside of the kitchen? If so what do you do and how often?  I definitely go to the gym. That’s my time. I’m a runner. I run the marathon ever year. I find when I’m at the gym, I get to relieve whatever little pressures I'm feeling. Let all the air out. Let it go. It’s fun to run nowhere.
  • Do you know any healthy chefs? I think there’s a secret — it shouldn’t be a secret — but there’s something to be said about being a vegetarian or vegan. You’re not just eating delicious butter or amazing cheese, you’re eating all the things that made it happen, the chemicals, the process, if the animal was stressed out, the hormones. Cheese is not unhealthy, but it’s just a matter of your body being able to break down all the other stuff that’s in there. You have to eat colorful vegetables. You have to mix it up. That’s what makes a healthy body. One of the greatest things about opening the restaurant, we give free nutrition counseling to anyone who wants it. You can just come in and ask. 
  • Having cooked for so many people, what lessons have you learned about eating healthy? I’ve always been someone who was curious about different foods and what I was eating. For a long time, it’s been me taking care of myself. But now, it's about serving other people. That’s been the greatest reward so far. Our whole neighborhood is so excited that we’re there. They’re just so happy they can eat anything off the menu and they’re not going to feel bad about it.
Tere and Luis!

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