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Patricia Starr on Pedaling Over the Rockies and Changing Your Life in Your 60s

Patricia Starr, age 71, was Ms. Senior California in 2006 and Ms. Senior Nebraska in 2008, and in 2005 she pedaled across America wearing short short and pantyhose to raise money for music scholarships at her local college. Her new book, Angel On My Handlebars, chronicles her ride. 

Before I started, I’d never ridden more than 62 miles in a day. I’ve been walking two miles a day for about 30 years, so I had strength from that, but everyone thought I was absolutely nuts. I was 67 at the time, so people were just laughing at me. Once I got on the road and they saw what was actually happening, though, they though it was wonderful. Some days it was 120 miles. That is so far. I live in Santa Barbara, and it’s like from Santa Barbara to Disneyland. 

Pedaling over the Rocky Mountains, it just leaves you with the feeling, "how did this little body ever pedal up and over 10,000 feet?" when you know, there are many cars that can’t chug up that far. 

I try to inspire people, the kids, if anybody will just listen. Put down the soda, the pop as we say in Nebraska, quit eating the donuts, and start being aware of the food that you are putting in your body. If you do, by the time you get to be in your 60s you can be doing crazy things like I do. It’s amazing how all of the sudden my life changed at the point where lots of people think they’re going to coast the rest of their lives, not coast on a bike, just coast doing nothing. Once I did my ride, it's amazing how many things opened up. 

Most of what goes on is happening betwen your ears. What you’re thinking you’re going to be, that is what you’re going to be. You just have to start to think about how important your body is and about treating it with care and respect. 




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Truly inspirational.  :)  Sharing this!

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