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Gina Bradley on Lifting Your Own Board and Moments of Independence from Everything

Gina Bradley is a Stand-Up Paddleboarder and the founder of Paddle Diva in East Hampton, New York. 

I am definitely a water person. I’ve always loved the water. I'm an Aquarius — I was born under the sign! I used to be a wind surfer, but one of the things with windsurfing, the wind has to be just right in order for you to go out. The thing I love most about paddleboarding, you can always go out, in any condition. The other thing I love about it is the six pack abs. It’s an incredible core workout done properly. You're constantly balancing. You don’t even realize, but you’re working every single muscle in your body. My whole philosophy is that I find sports I like doing, and then, oh by the way, they also get me in shape.

One of the things that's really important to me with stand-up paddleboarding, you don’t have to rely on anybody for it. The boards we use are light — 18 pounds for the Diva Board, and we can make them even lighter — so you don't need anyone to help you get it on the roof of your car or help you get it in the water. I spent years windsurfing, watching women with their husbands, not learn how to rig out their gear, not figure out how to set it up. And I was like, enough. You can’t just rely on him. You’ve got to figure it out on your own. That’s a life lesson we all need to have anyway.

For me, a really Zen moment, one day on the beach my two kids were being demanding, my husband was sort of on deck. In the past I would have stuck around on the beach. Instead, I looked at him and said, “You got them?” and he said yes, and I walked out, and I just paddled all the way to the Atlantic Beach. I just had it in my mind, I am going to the other beach. I felt so alive. I needed an hour off, I took my hour off. There I was in the brilliant sun, and I got to Atlantic Beach, and I’m not kidding, seven or eight of my friends were there, and they started cheering. It’s crazy to see this paddler coming out of nowhere. I got off that board, got back to the beach, my kids were happy, my husband was happy, I felt great. That was the lynchpin. I have a hundred stories like that. When you're out there, it’s a moment of independence from everything.



I can't make the retreat because I have class then...I was actually thinking of selling my body for money so I could go w/ llaves- but then I realized:

1. Spring Training w/ SITI COMPANY is then

2. My body is priceless and can not be sold

Maybe I can do something for a weekend in the Hamptons- closer and I can couch surf at one my friend's parents house ....woo hoo..

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I am sad that you aren't coming Sass, but glad you aren't selling yourself to join us as I think in the long run that might go on the regrets list.

And Gina- I am SOOOOO excited... and slightly terrified to paddle board. I may be spending more time in the water than actually standing up. Kudos as well for having the philosophy of "learn the sport if your going to do it- don't make a man do all your work." The second I started cycling I learned how to take a peddle off, change a tire, and use a chain-braker as I didn't want to rely on my brother or a boyfriend to do it for me, knowledge and ability is so liberating.

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