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What It Feels Like to Get Caught Double-Dipping at Equinox

Free passes can get you pretty far in this town. Fellow gym-blogger Julie Neyman of "Buns of Steal" is attempting to work out all year at gyms around NYC without spending a cent, courtesy of day-passes, week-passes, whatever she can eke out of the promotional system. But she recently got busted by Equinox:

She looks me up and down. "Um, have you been here before?"

"No...." I lie, knowing how ridiculous I sound in front of the immutable proof flashing on her screen. "I mean, maybe, a while ago...."

"Um, but it says you were at the uptown location last week..."

What happens from there is classic and painful. If you've got multiple free passes you're planning to put into action, read up and be prepared for the confrontation that may come your way. 

Equinox (via <a href="">equinox</a>)


The link is so funny! I love this.

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What! How DARE the receptionist say that!!!! That was scandalous.

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It's true, Equinox employees can be very snotty.  Reminds me of the time I went shopping at Barney's for a present for my mum.  i went one day after work, looking a little haggard, and the looks I got from Salespeople and shoppers alike were pretty tough.  I went on A Saturday looking fresh with hair perfectly coiffed and carrying my hand bag with the handles around my wrist like a true lady who lunches and got the sames salespoeple flocking over to me to help.  i never shopped at Barney's again.  Just an aside, Bergdorf's and Bendel's is not like that at all.  As long as the employees know that you can pay for stuff, they love you. 

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