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Victoria's Secret Loves Your Body (If You've Got Big Boobs and No Hips)

You've almost certainly seen them: The commercials featuring Victoria Secret nymphs writhing like a full-on, full-body Herbal Essence hairgasm ad, talking about how they love their bodies. “My body, my body, I love my body” each woman in the ad repeats while Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” (sans vocals) blares in the background. Among the numerous and consecutive shots of the models' glossier-than a polished Barbie doll bodies clad in black and flesh-tone brassieres and boy shorts, special attention is given to the push-up bra and the razorback. VS seems to have forgotten that a razorback is actually a European hog.

Is anyone else annoyed by the narcissistic mantra and the seven variations of “body" which nonetheless all equal slim and busty? I mean, like any guy, I appreciate the magic underwear can do for a woman’s body, but last I checked, women had several shapes, no?

But maybe there’s something redeeming here. Victoria Secret is holding a contest, asking women to "tell Victoria’s Secret what you love about your body." The winner gets a trip to New York City. Not so great for NYC transplants and natives like me. But maybe VS will woman up and actually put the winner in a sexy advert. What do you think?

VS (via <a href=http://cdn.thefrisky.com/images/uploads/vs_campaign_m.jpg">thefrisky</a>)


I think they will NOT woman up and put the winner in an advert. Gosh that would be amazing though. Victoria's Secret is well due for a revising on their mission statement. I mean, it's mall underwear...made for the "regular" American population, yet it's representatives are all half-starving size triple-zeros. How bout being cutting-edge and including some whopping size 4's or something?? If they redefined model ideals they would make a brilliant profit. they can still have the skinnies around for good measure, but spotlighting how different we all are would be SO smart. Maybe it's too much to ask from a cheap company (their product is pretty mediocre anyway...like the starbucks of underwear). wow i could go on and on, sorry!! 

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the starbucks of underwear! i like that.

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they look like they're trying to copy Dove.

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I am so with you urbansherpa... I have yet to have bought a bra from there that last longer than 4 months and don't get me started on the holes that have already been produced in my nightie I bought for the Pimp Your Bed challenge.

I am also with you on the fact that no, they will not feature a real woman in any of their ads... but I am still intrigued to write a little piece with my pin up shot and tell them that because of images/concepts they breed/condone/produce it took me almost 29 years of turbulent emotion and self-worth struggles to finally be able to say "What I love about my body is EVERYTHING!!"

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go for it llaves! 

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Amen to all that! I haven't bought a bra from them in years. Once upon a time (the '90s) they were made well and made bras for the less than chesty, like moi. Now, I can't buy anything in an A cup that doesn't have inches of padding, which basically sends the message that huge boobs are something women should aspire to. Well, nothing I do short of duct taping these puppies like a drag queen is going to make me look like I have cleavage, and I'm quite happy with what I don't have thank you.. Strangely, their swimsuits are a better value and more democratic..

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Not a fan of VS...

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starbucks gives me bad gas.

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