Nate Does Pushups During Commercials and Will Never Try Mastercleanse

It's another new feature! Every day, we're giving you a snapshot of one fellow striver in fitness. We ask nosy questions, they bravely answer. Today's snapshot: natejgray.

  • What's your number one workout spot? 1a. Equinox Brooklyn Heights--great classes, great space, and nice people 1b. Doing push ups during tv commercials. 
  • What's the healthiest thing you eat? Baked tofu and sauteed kale. My wife makes amazing baked tofu. It is a transcendent food. I wash it down with homemade kombucha, love those live cultures. 
  • What's your secret sin? I love pork chops. 
  • What do you wear to the gym? Nothing fancy. Just shorts, tee shirt, and shoes. 
  • What's the best thing in your gym bag? The Kiehl's products that Equinox has been stocking. 
  • What's your go-to workout? Dawn Parker's Boot Camp or Whipped class. Dawn could break me in half with her little finger. I sweat so much in that class, I scare myself. 
  • What would you do if you had all the time/ability in the world? Ride my bike to the top of Mt. Washington or the Hawaii Ironman 
  • What are you just never going to try? The Master Cleanse. In fact, anything involving a cleanse. These diets just doesn't seem healthy. 
  • What superhero (real life or fictional) most inspires you? My wife. She is nine-months pregnant and she has kept her sense of humor and good cheer through the whole pregnancy. She inspires me every day.




i <3 the snapshot feature!

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Hey Nate, I'm at Brookyn Heights too!  (I wonder if you look familiar). One day I'll post a pic... in the meantime, if I see you, I'll say hi!

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I've taken Dawn's boot camp class twice - trekked all the way to Brooklyn for it!  Keep asking her to bring that class to Manhattan's Equinoxes (Equinii??).  Dawn is AMAZING!!

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i agree abt that Master Cleanse thing...I would NEVER do it..  it just seems so unhealthy.. and I love to exercise but I need food for energy. I tried spinning the other day after a light lunch, and I had nothing... and Congratulations!!!!

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