Final Recap

Can't believe this challenge is over!  I'm really glad I did it.  Some of things I found way easier than I expected (going vegan one day a week) and others became sort of annoying through out the challenge (sun salutations).  But all in all, I completed 21 works-outs in 33 days... and let's say 10.5 feats, those feats are:

Sun Salutes

Go Fish - this week I did it 2/8, 2/11, 2/12

Swap Meat - went vegan on 2/9

Whole Grainy - this is where the .5 comes in.  I was way more conscious than if I hadn't been doing the challenge, but there definitely a few times I got tripped up.

The One Thousands - 1020 pushups and 2200 situps/crunches

Sleep Log - for the last week my hours were 2/7: 7hr 1min, 2/8: 7hr 24min, 2/9: 7hr 36min, 2/10: 8hr 26min, 2/11: 5hr 23min... pretty consistent, well except for last night.

Energy Sabbatical

Share the Love - I signed up for Chicago Cares (an organization that places volunteers) and unfortunately they didn't have any openings in the whole month of February, but signed up for the next open one the first week in March

Pimp Your Bed

Sleep Discipline Redux

DIY Feat - gave up coffee for the final week of the challenge


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