Week 4 Complete

As I head into the final week of the challenge, here's my recap on week 4.

Pimp My Bed & Sun Salutations - every freakin day

Whole Grainy - still having some troubles sticking to this 100%.  I had two off days, more by mistake not realizing till afterwards  that oh that probably had white flour in it.

Go Fish - 2/2, 2/4, 2/5

Swap Meat - vegan on 2/3

The One Thousands - totals are 2100 crunches, 780 push-ups

Sleep Log - 1/31: 4hr 49min (I had to catch a plane the following morning), 2/1: 7hr 23min, 2/2: 6hr 19min, 2/3: 7hr 48min, 2/4: 9hr 40min (this was the night I did Energy Sabbatical), 2/5: 9hr 29min, 2/6: 7hr 24min

I also completed Energy Sabbatical on 2/4.  It felt really refreshing and made me go to bed earlier because I wasn't watching TV!

This week I'm also committing to NO COFFEE for a DIY Feat.  Still need to do another Energy Sabbatical day and get on my Share The Love day.

Here's to the final week!

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