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Derby Doll Shannon Kobylka on Drew Barrymore and Hangover Workouts

Shannon Kobylka skates with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls and is captain of her team, Fight Crew, where she is better known as "Janis Choplin." She's also a personal trainer, gymnastics teacher, and a Punk Rope class leader.

How has being on the Dolls changed your body and mind? I lost 30 pounds, increased my overall fitness, gained a family of 90 women, and I have become more confident and comfortable with my body. It is great cardiovascular workout. My endurance has improved a ton, and I cut six minutes off my best 5K time after skating roller derby derby for three years. 

How do you take care of yourself after a rough bout? We have a league chiropractor available when we need adjustments and deep tissue massage. I try to eat a balanced diet. I am a huge fan of a long soak in a warm bath after a challenging work out.

What sport would you try if you had an extra day each week? Lately I have been taking up hooping and have tried to fit in a pole dancing class here and there.

What is the best workout if you are hung-over? First off, if you are working out when you are hung-over, it is important to stay hydrated. I usually fit in a good interval run, bike ride or an endurance skate session. I always fell better after sweating out the toxins.

What role did you and the Derby Dolls play in the making of Whip It? Derby Girl, the book Whip It is based on and the screen play for Whip It were both written by Shauna Cross (AKA Maggie Mayhem), one of the original Derby Dolls. Our training team trained many of the actresses in the movie. The Manson sisters are LA Derby Dolls "Iron Maiven" and "Krissy Krash." Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page both attended Derby Doll games to research the movie. They both were down-to-earth and great to work with and really wanted to do the Roller Derby world justice. Zoe Bell came and trained with our fresh meat program during her audition process. 

What do you bring from the Derby Dolls to your personal training sessions? I actually do both on-skates and off-skates personal training. In November I helped launch a roller Derby Fitness program for individuals that are interested in roller derby but don't have the time commitment to skate competitively. The Program is called Derby Por Vida.

What is your personal training philosophy? That being healthy is a life style choice. My focus is on improving overall fitness and strength.

Favorite place in Los Angeles to workout? I like to work out a the Doll Factory which is the derby dolls training facility. I also enjoy working out outside and going on one of the many great day hikes in LA.

Will you please be my personal trainer? Sure! Email me at

Shannon Kobylka


I wish there was something like Derby Por Vida around NY

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Saw Janis Choplin skate in a DD match last year in LA--my first. I've never had more fun at a sporting event.

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