Lyrical emotions in motion

There is an amazing feeling that overwhelms one’s mind, body & soul when lyrics correlate with dance. Tonight I had such a feeling in lyrical dance class. Lyrical dance is defined as a dance style influenced by jazz, ballet & modern dance…inspired by the lyrics in a song & utilizing emotional expressions while articulating each movement.

Even though I have a long way to go technically, I did the best I could and felt great hitting the marks. It’s been 10 months since my first lyrical class & am grateful to be in it. Often dancers tear up after the hour long class because the emotions for the performance affect us on multiple levels. To be in tune with the lyrics, beats, voice, instruments…to sync them to fingers, hands, arms, face, neck, torso, hips legs, feet,toes…

What a wonderful feeling to be so vulnerable and yet so strong at the same time. It is a precious moment that can never be taken away after it has been experienced.

Tags: Dance

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