A little check in on my Pushup and Situp challenge.  Momentarily, I almost downloaded the "100 push up" app for my iphone, but then I said that was stupid.  Instead, I motivate myself and bang them out, most of the time at the boxing gym.

4x a week, I do 50 pushups and 100 situps.

So to date, I have done 650 pushups and 1300 situps.

I actually should be doing more of both.  My boxing trainer wants me to aim for 50 pushup and 200 situps a DAY.  Perhaps that should be my new DIY feat.  Also, these are not knee pushups, they're the real ones.


I just want to say that you're amazing for doing all those push-ups. Sit-ups usually don't seem to be a challenge, but push-ups? 50 in one sitting is for the ...really determined. Keep it up :)

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Thanks snowy!  Twas totally terrible at first, but now it's pretty easy...25 at a time.  You'll get there in no time.

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