Home Cooking – AKA: how the omelet got its kimchee

I usually cook at home a couple times a week, but what I haven't been doing as much of in the last year is improvisational cooking.  You know, the kind of thing where you throw a meal together from random scraps around the apartment...

Once upon a time, seshat was craving something spicy around lunch. But also something sort of hearty. But most of all, something that didn't involve going out in the cold. She looked in the fridge, and there were some eggs. But what to put with them?  There was thyme and parmesan.  But that wasn't spicy.  There was lox and onions.  But that wasn't spicy. There were sardines, and those would have worked for the Go Fish feat as well.  But they weren't spicy either.  But then, way in the back, there was a jar of kimchee.  And that was spicy!  And that's how the omelet got it's kimchee (Or would have, if our eggs hadn't turned out to be elderly).

So, in addition to making a few more fish/seafood dinners during the next month, I'm going to try and cook more without planning. And I'm going to buy some new eggs.  Results in the comments!

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Week 1/Meal 1: toast with lavender honey and pears.  I dreamed about the lavender honey the night before.  It's seriously good.  

Week 1/Meal 2: not really a meal, but I made two jars of carrot pickles to go with a meal we're having in a couple weeks.  

Week 1/Meal 3: mussels with kale and linguini

Week 1/Meal 4: peanut butter toast with cinnamon and honey

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Week 2/Meal 1: peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon sandwich.  It doesn't have to be creative to count.

Week 2/Meal 2: hard boiled eggs with celery and peanut butter (on the celery, not the eggs... I wonder if peanut butter on eggs would be good?)

Week 2/Meal 3: pickled onions.  not a "meal" exactly, but definitely home cooked

Week 2/Meal 4: yes, this week's cooking was a little weak.  But all leading up to the big finale. Sunday night's Bo Ssam.  Sugar-glazed pork shoulder, last week's pickled carrots, this week's pickled onions, three sauces, rice, and oysters.  A total of 7.5 hours of cooking.  A crowd of 14 at our apartment to enjoy it.  That should make up for the rest of the week, yes?

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Week 3/Meal 1: Ginger-scallion noodles.  With the leftover ginger-scallion sauce from the Bo Ssam.  Delicious, but the scallions started making me tear up and I couldn't finish mine. 

Week 3/Meal 2: Oatmeal with dried fruit.

Week 3/Meal 3: Fish tagine with polenta 

Week 3/Meal 4: Brownies

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Week 4/Meal 1: Pasta w/ Sausage and Marinara

Week 4/Meal 2: Pancakes

Week 4/Meal 3: Leftover Salad (Salad made of leftovers)

Week 4/Meal 4: Margarita Cookies

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