Sleeping like a Log

Easy challenge!  I do that anyway.  Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be keeping track of my sleep? That might be a little harder.  

Ok, for serious.  I was just talking about sleep with a friend who is trying the whole Huffington Post sleep challenge and who said "I am convinced that having a better sleep schedule would make a major impact on my productivity and would help me conquer my issues with motivation and self-discipline." 

I pointed out that I've been going to bed at roughly the same time every night (weekdays, anyway) and getting up at a normal-person time every weekday morning for the last year and change, and it hasn't done anything for my motivation or self-discipline.  And I still sleep in like crazy on weekends.  

But I am curious how little variations in my sleep affect the kind of days I have.  So I'm going to sleep log, and I may try out one of the "keep my phone in the bed and let it track my sleep/wake me when I'm at a good point in my sleep cycle" apps".  But no "Sleep Discipline" feats.  I'm never going to be a morning person.  Not everyone can be.  I've gotten up by 6:00 or earlier for months on end when I'm doing field work, and am pretty convinced I can leave that hour of the morning alone the rest of the time.  

I'm putting my sleep log in comments to this.  



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January 11: Bed/1am; Awake/8:30am; Total sleep/7.5 hours.  Dreams: stressful. Report Back: terrible day, but more to do with insanity at the post office (if it says "reminder: stamped packages over 13 ounces must be mailed at the post office" it doesn't mean my package is 13 ounces, post office lady.  and that was just the beginning. (the ending was me going home and printing stamps from paypal)) than with my sleep habits

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January 12: Bed 1:30am; Awake/8:30am; Total sleep/7 hours. Dreams: none I remember. Recap: good day. I'm really liking Tuesdays lately.  Next Tuesday my work buddy is out of town and since I get back on Monday night from traveling, it'll be more of a Monday.  Hmm.

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January 12: Bed/1:30am; Awake/8:30am; Total sleep/7 hours. Dreams: one I've had before that's very narrative, and I was dreaming right before I woke up, which screwed up my first-thing-work as I was already distracted. Damn you, dream.

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January 14 bed/1:30; awake/6:15 (travel day)

January 15: bed/midnight; awake/9:00; total sleep: 9 hours (vacation)

January 16: bed/12:30; awake/9:00; total sleep: 9.5 hours (vacation)

January 17:  bed/midnight; awake/9:00; total sleep: 9 hours (vacation)


January 18: bed/11; awake/7:30; total sleep: 8.5 hours (vacation)

January 19: bed/12:30; awake: 8:30; total sleep: 8 hours (back to normal); dreams: yes.


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January 19: bed/1:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/7 hours. Dreams: something

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January 21: bed/1:30; awake/8; total sleep/6.5 hours; dreams: one about a knight and a wine store and a school play and yearbooks and house cleaning tips (the school play was not about knights, there were just knights in the play... the wine and the house cleaning tips (gadgets really, for a knight with a new...castle?) were hostess gifts for the play afterparty). This is my favorite dream of the challenge so far.  

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January 22: asleep/2; awake/8:30; total sleep/6.5 hours. dreams: something about being on a team or in a group and needing to split up the rooms in a house we were staying in, but I got cheated out of the room I was supposed to have by some mean girls. 

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January 23: asleep/1:30; awake/11:30; total sleep/10 hours. dreams: not that I remember

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January 24: asleep/2:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/6 hours. Dreams: none I remember. 

January 25: asleep/12:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/8 hours. Dreams: something about an event I was late for.

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January 26: asleep 12:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/8 hours. Dreams: I was in some sort of mandatory military school/boot camp situation. Most of the dream involved us packing to go places.  

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January 27: asleep/1:15; awake/8:30; total sleep/6.75 hours. Dreams: I think I dreamed I couldn't sleep at one point. 

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January 28: asleep/1:00; awake 8:30; total sleep/7.5 hours. Dreams: varied.

January 29: asleep/1:00; awake/8:30; total sleep/7/5 hours. Dreams: varied.

January 30: asleep/2:30; awake/1:00; total sleep/10.5 hours. Dreams: varied

January 31: asleep/12; awake/10:30; total sleep/10.5 hours. Really needed it. Dreams: a continuation of the episode of House I'd been watching.

February 1: asleep/1:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/7 hours. Dreams: a trip to Yosemite for a dog show. 

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February 2: asleep/1; awake/8:30; total sleep/7.5 hours. Dreams: walking in the woods

February 3: asleep/12:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/8.5 hours. Dreams: none

February 4: asleep/2:30; awake/7:30; total sleep/5 hours (napped later). Dreams: confused.

February 5: asleep/12:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/8.5 hours. Dreams: really odd dinner party 

February 6: asleep/3:00; awake/10:30; total sleep/7.5 hours. Dreams: shopping for a car

February 7: asleep/4:00; awake/2; total sleep/10 hours. Dreams: hospital with an awesome ocean view

February 8: asleep/1:30; awake/8:30; total sleep/7.5 hours. Dreams: something I really wanted to remember, but can't now. 

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