Naughty Flogging, Day 26

You know what I realized last night? I think naughty flogging is actually impacting what I eat. Not because I'll feel guilty when I type up my food indulgences or something like that...but just by bringing awareness to how much I'm indulging. I eat treats every day, especially during the holiday season, but I really believe this feat has made me mindful not to let it out of control. Crazy internet challenge works!

Flog: Small bowl of ice cream with some flourless chocolate cake crumbled on top, an extra slice of crusty bread with butta, small glass of red wine (you know, for the antioxidants).


I feel the same way about it.  When i flog everything, it makes me think I'm obsessing.  When its just the naughty stuff, it makes me think, "oh lord, what did i eat now??"

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