Naughty Flogging, Day 20 and Getting Back on Track

Not bad...some homemade cookies including 1 chocolate chip and two sugar.

Following my several day stint of not working out, I got wicked sick Monday night and have felt like ass since. Actually, I'm feeling a little better this morning, just taking longer to heal than I'd like because I'm having a hard time sleeping.

It's not that I've been altogether inactive. Excluding yesterday when I was trying to rest up, I've been moving constantly, and my feet even hurt Sunday night from standing and walking around all day getting stuff done.

But nothing beats a good workout for the soul. Regardless of how I feel I'm at least going to attempt a moderate yoga workout tomorrow morning...I'll listen to my body and stop if it's too much. According to the nifty stats at the top of the screen I have to workout 11 of the next 16 days to meet the challenge - I'm on it!

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