Sweet, sweet defeat!!!

I've never been so happy to fail at a challenge. I noticed a few weeks back that I had done just enough workouts that I could still squeeze in enough for the challenge if I worked out every day. That is what I would have normally done. Gone all OCD and gotten sh%^ done. But that was also the day that I got my POSITIVE pregnancy test. Uh huh. That would be a big ole +++++!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still working out. Running is awesome right now. Including those days where I fall asleep on the lawn half way through the run (eh-hem, see last workout post). But also including some lovely long and leisurely runs where I feel like I could go all day. I'm just not going to push myself to meet any specific goals. I'm trying to be a good listener (to my body, that is.) And if I'm feeling perky and up for it, I even plan to run the Seattle half marathon in Nov (I'll be 5 months... will I have a big belly? I assume so, but I've never done this before!)

Aside from missing my # of workouts, a few of the other feats aren't allowed now. Of course, the day of fasting is out. As is the head stand (although I hear that "no going upside while preg" myth is debatable). And I would chop off my left arm before getting up at 6:30 right now. I can hardly stay awake through the afternoon. Although as a bonus, I am getting the week of no caffeine and alcohol for free, so hey.

Oh, and Molly.... no, I do not plan on eating anything that I deliver. Placenta (and baby) included. Gag.
I do, however, hope I look anything that hot pregnant chick in the picture after I get all swollen and fat.

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Sweet Seattle heat! I think long after the Feats of Summer have faded, the feats you've accomplished this summer will be running strong. More congratulations!

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